Sunday, 24 July 2016

Take care of your homework

I have been to see bluesman Earl Thomas with his full US band play a hot and steamy set in a working men's club in Bradford. Musically it was excellent - he can certainly sing - and the effect was obviously heightened for those for whom sexy, black men shaking their thing is a turn on; which it certainly was for a large number of raucous women of a certain age in the audience. He was taking his life in his hands when he came down to the merchandising stall afterwards. I'm not sure the suave supper clubs of California fully prepare one for Yorkshire women after they've had a few drinks on a Friday night.

Among the songs that he played was Johnny Taylor's classic, "Take Care of Your Homework", containing the line "the downfall of too many men is the upkeep of too many women". Ain't that the truth brother!

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