Thursday, 14 September 2017

Are we getting the hang of this?

A brief reappearance to mention what was for me the best game that we have played so far with the Black Powder family of rules. Sadly that doesn't mean that I won. I think that all was lost when the dice roll determined that I should set up first. Then of course I put my guns in the wrong place, sent half my cavalry the wrong way and rallied the wrong unit when opportunity finally arose.

But we are starting to be familiar with the rules sufficiently to both get most of them right most of the time and to play in a way that make sense within them. I still think that both the broken battalia rule and the flank/enfilade rule are ridiculous, but there is nothing there that can't be fixed. I do wonder though whether it would be possible - and better- to graft the good bits of these rules on to Piquet.

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