Friday, 24 January 2020

Silver hammer man

As I have probably mentioned before, I used to work for Robert Maxwell. Crap as it was at the time, it has had benefits since. Later in my career I became what used to be known as a company doctor. Inevitably the businesses which I joined were all in terrible trouble and full of demoralised staff worried with good cause about their jobs and their pensions. In every case someone would sooner or later ask me "I this the worst company that you've ever worked for?". I was then able to reply quite honestly that no it wasn't, because I had worked for Robert Maxwell. I never saw anyone do anything but nod their head understandingly at that point.

Six degrees of separation can take you a long way

What is the relevance of this to a wargaming blog? Well, assuming the Lord spares me, I intend to play wargames for many years yet, and some of them probably won't be any good. But when considering their rank in the list of all time crap games I shall always be able to say to myself "I played Sidi Rezegh", and then things won't seem so bad any more.

Despite having given several years of my life to the battle I only discovered last week that Sidi was actually a real chap - that's his tomb above; it also features on the tabletop - and that his name should be pronounced to rhyme with 'league'. After we finished the game (*) James came up with some sensible sounding amendments, especially to the way that the defenders on the escarpment should be treated, but I hope to hell that I never get the chance to test them out. I shall say no more about Blitzkrieg Commander except to observe that there are just too many dice rolled too many times for it ever to appeal to me.

* Hooray!

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