Thursday 2 April 2020


Back to poor photos of bad stuff. I shall start by saying that when I made these there was a widely held view that the Hussites carried flags with geese on them because Jan Huss' name sounds a bit like goose in the Czech language. Subsequently I think the consensus has changed to the whole goose thing being a term of abuse used by their Catholic opponents because Jan Huss' name sounded a bit like the Czech word for...well you get the picture. In common with my general line of least effort approach to these things I shall not be replacing the flags. On with the photos:

That's Zizka next to the True Cross

I'm not a believer in warwagons rushing round the battlefield like tanks, but I have some on the move just in case. They have never been on the table and neither have the following:


  1. Hussites? You don’t see these on the gaming table everyday.

    1. They certainly don't appear much on mine. I know that a Hussite army list has now been produced for TtS!, at which I need to take a look.