Monday, 15 February 2021

Once More Into The Breach (Assuming We Get That Far)

 It's time for another go at the new siege rules. One conclusion from the first run through was that the initial set-up had the two sides too far apart. I placed the first parallel at the advised distance from the walls, but the defenders need to be further forward of the walls and in greater numbers than the way I had arranged things.

I have therefore introduced a glacis, counterscarp and covered way. The last of those is - as I discovered - essential for moving troops from within the town to opposite wherever the attackers place their guns as they get closer.

I've still kept it relatively simple; there is no ditch and no ravelines. Apart from anything else I am keen to give the siege guns sight of the walls, as I never got as far as bombarding them last time.

Speaking of siege guns, the besiegers have a fourth (i.e. I have made a fourth) and have lost three infantry units to compensate. Plus, of course, both sides' artillery crews have arrived.

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