Tuesday, 20 May 2014

"Put that light out"

It seems almost an anticlimax to write anything about Triples after James' cogently argued critique. When the two individuals about whom he complains first approached us I thought they were joking. Certainly they looked as if they were sending themselves up; one of them even had a clipboard. Still, speaking as a wargamer, who am I to criticise anyone else for how they get their kicks.

SWS member at Triples

On to the show proper. I enjoyed it. It was the first time I'd been to both days of a two day show and I think it probably lasted a day longer than strictly necessary. My opinion may possibly have been coloured somewhat by the fact that it caused me to miss the entirety of what was probably the only sunny weekend of the year. Having said that, the hotel was fine and the meal on the Saturday evening very pleasant.

Another SWS member at Triples

I didn't spend any money at the show - neither with legitimate traders nor with spivvy, under-the-counter, black marketeers - but did enjoy the games. The Franco-Prussian relief map game, which I'm sure someone told me won, was lovely to look at. The game that I would most like to have played was the Indian Mutiny one. Naturally I have no photos, but I'm confident there will be plenty on the web.

James ponders whether to return to Triples in 2015

Zorndorf played out differently to either of the two practice runs through, showing once again what a good ruleset Piquet is for replayability at least. It was a very narrow Prussian victory driven essentially by the Fermor going mad and the Russian morale running out at pretty much the same time. Seydlitz's cavalry did get to charge in, but the majority of the Prussian cavalry once again performed abysmally. There must be a special mention of Combined Grenadier unit number 9 who withstood repeated overwhelming assaults despite having lost three stands early on.

Obviously I'm not one to brag, but despite the fact that I usually lose Wednesday night games, I am now 2 for 2 at conventions. Peter had a bad weekend because he also lost at Dead Man's Hand to a very young chap whose only tactic was to rush Wyatt Earp and colleagues straight towards the baddies firing all the while. It worked though.


  1. Thanks to you and James and the very fine spokesman from SWS for reminding me why I do not attend such extravaganzas. In the dark days of the 1970s I was briefly involved with a Scottish wargames club which was dominated by people with personality disorders and by power struggles for places on the committee. I learned my lesson early - I have a very small number of wargaming friends, but mostly I play solo or with my son.

    I'm sorry your trip was spoiled a bit - I'm sure the boys at Triples would never miss me, but I could not be dragged there screaming. Each to his own. What an advert for the hobby.

  2. It just goes to show you..... even the world over, there is no shortage; nor will there ever be; a shortage of penny ante bureaucrats :(. Like my Father used to say " There is always someone willing to sprinkle a little feces in your rice."'


    1. Agreed - nor of posturing martyrs. If someone devotes "their" weekend to attending a wargaming convention - as exhibitor, helper, punter or committee twerp - I can see problems if they secretly begrudge their imagined selfless contribution to the hobby (whatever that is). Why did they go? Because they like it? Because it gives them a chance to get away from the family with like-minded enthusiasts? Because it gave them a chance to show off a little, and appear in public as an expert or a personage of significance?

      Things don't always work out, I guess. St Ignatius of Loyola would be disappointed by the attitudes displayed at Triples. It is, of course, none of my business.

    2. Indeed he would. And Jamie Oliver would have been disappointed with the food in the cafe.

  3. You do ridicule so much better than I.