Friday, 24 June 2016


“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” 
- Winston Churchill

Well I won't be the only person to quote Churchill this morning. One of the difficulties for everyone - even they aren't racist simpletons like fifty percent of the population apparently are - is wading through the various forecasts and deciding which may prove accurate. The one that at the moment seems most likely to me to come true is this from FT journalist Simon Kuper: "In 20 years, impoverished Britons will be smuggled into France in the back of lorries to pick strawberries". I always interpreted Thatcher's aim to be to create a low skill, low wage economy in the UK. Her successors appear to be determined to add 'no jobs' to that list.

Anyway, I started with a quote so let me finish with one:

"Young people, today would be a great day to pay a visit to your grandparents, and give them a fucking slap." - Dan Rebellato


  1. Heard a few comments ont'wireless and TV by 'Leave' voters saying things to the effect of 'I wouldn't have voted that way if I'd have thought they'd win.' You couldn't make it up.

  2. I guess Cameron was of the same mindset - since he knew that Leave could never win, and he just wanted to make the point to shut up the Eurosceptics in his own party, he seems to have got exactly the same fright he got with the Scottish Referendum 2 years ago, but this time his luck ran out - slow learner? Idiot? Stooge?

    Nothing in the Telegraph or the Mail this morning about how we stop bank reserves and pension fund holdings collapsing along with the markets in which they are overinvested. Quite a lot about the Labour Party's turmoils and whether Ingerland can beat the football team of a country with the same population as Leicester, though.

    I assume things will stabilise - they have to - but I don't expect any favours from the EU on terms, and in any case they must protect the remaining members as a priority, and avoid the impression that jumping ship is a good idea (is there anyone as stupid as us, by the way?). Apart from the unknowns and the obvious difficulties, I feel pretty much inconsolable - it may simply be a small step back into the Dark Ages, but it feels like a death in the family.

    I read somewhere this morning that assumptions about taxation income in the UK may have to be reviewed, since the City of ****ing London may be a quieter place in future than had been assumed. Please don't tell me that Project Fear was actually toned down for the kiddies?

    Someone, somewhere, must be really happy about all this, and I'm glad for him, whoever he is, but I fear that he may be a moron. The only person I actually know personally who intended to vote Leave is my gardener, and he was quite open about the fact that he was mostly worried about Muslims.

    Don't anyone mention democracy anywhere near me for a while. Jesus. How ironic would it be if Europe now sorts out its immigration policy, and we look on from the outside?