Monday, 23 April 2018

Cleanth is next to Godth

"It's not a very fragrant world, but it is the world you live in" - Raymond Chandler

I am pleased to say that the most appropriate time for that quote has been and gone, as I have somewhat dillied and dallied when I should have been writing blog posts. I once again have a functioning shower, the world - at least that part near me - has regained its sweetness, and no longer can the recent presence of Epictetus be detected by his unwelcome sillage.

The living room ceiling is also back in place, the table in the annexe has been cleared of extraneous items and there is even the possibility of a game being set up sometime soon. I have just been to see a production of Journey's End so the Blue Guitar rules might be due for a revisit. Who can say?

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