Monday 2 April 2018


So, wargaming then. There isn't likely to be any at the Casa Epictetus until the shower is sorted out because the table in the annexe is covered with the stuff moved out of the living room due to the ceiling falling down situation. I can't validly blame that for the lack of any painting at all in the first quarter so I have tried to remojotivate myself (1) in a way that has worked before: namely making some markers - the letters and numbers that you see in photos of the games  - as a sort of way back in. All that seems to be happening this time is that I am very slowly making markers that I don't particularly need.

So let's talk boardgaming instead. This is what I played in March:

Cockroach Poker: An amusing bluffing game. The best strategy is to keep a low profile and let the others get on with it.

Deep Sea Adventure: A push your luck game which I'd like to try again. When playing with lots of players no one is going terribly deep on their adventure, or if they do then they ain't coming back.

The Grizzled: I do like this. As always, our group of poilus failed to survive until the armistice.

Istanbul: I also like this one a lot; might have to buy it.

Kingdomino: A good - and quick - game for which I lack the requisite pattern recognition skills.

Oceanos: Another subsea exploration game, although one's divers are less likely to get the bends in this one. It's OK. I was made rather cocky by a good set of cards in the first round; it didn't last.

Perudo: Or Peruvian Liar's Dice; in other words the classic bluffing game.

Plague Inc.: In which one plays a bacterium (or virus) and attempts to wipe out humanity. Great fun; loved it.

Power Grid China: A rather tough map. I got a bit carried away and overbid for a power plant too early during the last round. I might have won otherwise.

San Juan: I'm not that bothered about this; happy enough to play it, but I wouldn't suggest it.

Stockpile: In contrast to how I played Power Grid, no one is ever aggressive enough in the auction phase of this to make it work as it obviously should.

Survive: Another cracking game.

Telestrations: Bored with this.

Wasabi!: Absolutely no idea why that has an exclamation mark in the name. It's OK, but I suspect it's another game that would be better if people played it a lot and better understood the tactics.

I'm going to finish the whole jumpsuit thing before it gets out of hand. This is surely the definitive way to wear one on stage:

Let's end with a story to warm the hearts of accountants everywhere.

(1) Did you know that the constitution of Wisconsin forbids the Governor from inventing new words?

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