Wednesday, 2 May 2018


So, yet another plea for me not to bother writing about wargaming. It's beginning to seem as if my poorly taken photographs of badly painted plastic figures have failed to elevate me to the ranks of the hobby aristocracy. However, it also looks like actual wargaming is back on the menu in the legendary wargames room of James 'Olicanalad' Roach, who according to one of the comments on his blog a couple of years ago is 'a wargaming demi-god'. I suppose it gives the rest of us something to aim at. Anyway, prior to that let's have some more random, but - according to Google - fascinating, stuff:

Starting with the blog itself, something else I noticed when looking at the stats was that the post with lowest number of hits in the whole five years or so was this recent one, which notwithstanding the title is actually a report on a wargame. Self-evidently I don't have terribly high standards, but even so I thought that post was OK; perhaps wargaming really does put people off.

The rat is back. Or possibly one of his mates, or a distant cousin, or a friend of a friend. Beyond freaking out the cleaners it hasn't done any positive harm yet, but poison seems disappointingly ineffective so all other options, short of getting a cat, are being considered.

I have been for a reiki session, and have to say that whilst my chakras remain much as they ever were it was extremely relaxing; positively enjoyable in fact. I'm not sure I'd pay for it, but for free it was excellent value for money. It came about because a friend is studying to become a reiki master (as an aside there doesn't seem to be any other level of practitioner; I rather assumed with it being Japanese that one would ascend many differently coloured intermediate levels first) and was casting about for volunteers to practice on. Sadly the prospect of more free sessions in the future is slim because the rapprochement  between myself and Coral Laroc - for it was she - didn't last long and we are once again estranged (I didn't send her a birthday card, mistakenly assuming she would prefer the immediacy of a text).

I know you like to keep up with what I'm listening to as I write the blog. This time it's been the Grateful Dead's concert at the Swing Auditorium, San Bernadino, February 26th 1977, but I can't believe that any of you have the amount of free time necessary to join me in that so instead Joan Jett will sing a song especially for our newly discovered French readers:

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