Tuesday 17 September 2019

Bo-Jo no-show

"Your wife and your wheelbarrow — lend them to no one." - Traditional Luxembourg proverb

I have been closely studying the photographs of the protesters that added to to Boris Johnson's humiliation in Luxembourg yesterday, because let's be clear that most of his problems were self-inflicted. Anyway, I have been unable to spot this blog's Luxembourg correspondent among them. It could be that something in his contract as a European bureaucrat precludes him from leaving his golden throne to take part, although I am sure he's the sort of chap who would find a way round that. In fact, now I think about it, there was something familiar about the grey-haired lady in the striped dress.

A statesman doesn't turn up

Virtually every report that I have read about the event states that the Grand Duchy is the EU's smallest country - which it isn't - and neglects to mention that it has the highest GDP per capita - which it does by some way. Who'd have thought the British press could be so ill informed about our European neighbours?


  1. Maybe Boris has gone to die in a ditch somewhere or lay in front of the bulldozers at Heathrow. I'm sure he'll keep his promises.