Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Dr Feelgood

Hearing Be Bop Deluxe the other day set me thinking about pub rock. A post on the subject from a few weeks ago currently has the honour of having the fewest viewers of any post in all the years I've been doing this, so it's clearly a subject of no interest to anyone other than me. What better reason to write some more about it? Or indeed what better reason to ask a rhetorical question?

So, let's have something from the unrivalled masters of the genre, Dr Feelgood:

I have always regretted never having seen this classic line up: Wilko Johnson, Lee Brilleaux, John B. Sparks and The Big Figure. I was therefore somewhat surprised when, at a university reunion last year, someone claimed that not only had we seen them (at Huddersfield Poly apparently), but that I had written a review of the gig for the student newspaper. Funny thing, memory.


  1. Best gig I've ever been to was Dr Feelgood c.1983. Could have powered the National Grid.

  2. I am tempted to agree - saw them in 84, only Lee Brilleaux left from the original lineup, and in a small venue, but they were just fantastic, and Lee had quite some charisma - 'do not mess with this man' - and obligatory sharp and shiny mohair suit. Happy days.