Saturday, 29 February 2020

Nobody likes a Soor loser

Before you ask  I shall be tagging this game as Seven Years War despite it taking place during the Austrian War of Succession, because it's my blog and I can do what I want. Whichever the war it is, so far, proving to be the basis of a good game. As you will see from that link James has sought to recreate the conditions on the day by stacking everything in the Prussians' favour and then challenging the two commanders to outdo their predecessors.

I was allotted the role of Frederick and decided that the best tactic was to throw everything at the hill, ignoring the town completely because the bad Austrian deck meant that they could never bring the troops on their right wing across in time to do anything about it. The beauty of Piquet, as I have often mentioned here, is that nothing is guaranteed. In the event the Austrians gained most of the initiative, turned their Command Indecision cards at fortunate points and obviously thought to themselves that if The Prussian king didn't want the town then they would have it instead.

So, cue slight change of plan with a couple of infantry units redirected to evict them. The first of the interlopers has been seen off without any problem; the Prussians are unit for unit much better. The other will no doubt follow shortly. On the hill the first wave of infantry was thrown back, but has rallied and the attack will resume. Similarly, despite losing the initial cavalry melee the Prussian are still there. Given a reversion to the mean and something like equal initiative I am confident that history will be recreated.

You will recall that I had first failed to obtain spray paint for the laser cut walls because the couriers couldn't find the house, and then the can I did get was an unsuitable shade. I have now procured the correct item by the primitive method of actually going to a shop in person and checking that what I was buying was what I actually wanted. It will never catch on. No painting has taken place because we are now being hit by Storm Jorge, which although causing too much wind to spray in is a bit of a wimp compared to his forerunners, including the storm with no name of last week. I can't account for the whereabouts of storms Eglantine, Faramir, Gordon Bennett, Horatius Cocles or Itchy. Presumably they blew themselves out in the North Atlantic somewhere.

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  1. I had a crack at Soor at Christmas using the old WRG 1685-1845 rules. To avoid a walkover for the Austrians I had to hamper the Austrians by introducing an 'activation rule'.