Friday 21 February 2020

Vale crucesignati

"Today everything exists to end in a photograph." - Susan Sontag

Everything, that is, except James' Crusades figures, because once again he didn't take any and clearly isn't going to post about it in his blog. And, now it's over; we shall be moving on to my favourite - Horse and Musket using Piquet  - and all those waiting to admire the colourful display will have to wait until the next time the Pope decrees that "Deus Vult".

The last of the TtS! games was very good, although the Crusaders won easily in the end. As the Saracen commander I would point to two successive turns where the entire army decided not to do what was asked of them, but that of course is the beauty of the game. A special mention must go to the commander of the left flank, who saw four units in a row destroyed while he was attached and ended up, in Brigadier Ritchie Hook fashion, leading a bunch of Bedouin irregulars. I should also reluctantly acknowledge that James' new out of ammo system appeared to work reasonably well, and did remove a lot of bookkeeping and clutter. 

So, next week a whole new set of rules not to remember properly. 

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