Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Lucius Aelius Sejanus

If any of the players in the current shenanigans had any knowledge of the classics, they may have been considering what, if any, lessons could be learned from the story of Sejanus.

In the 1976 BBC production of Robert Graves 'I, Claudius' - which I recommend most highly - Sejanus was played by the wonderful Patrick Stewart. I confess that I have been staring at the above photo for a while trying to work out if that's a wig or whether Captain Picard did at one point have blonde, curly hair.

Baldness hasn't done Stewart any harm though, as he is married to the somewhat younger Sunny Ozell. Here's a song of hers that might also have a message for the PM. It's called 'Git Gone':


  1. Doubt Dom will get the reference - but Boris being classically educated would ????

  2. There is a of course a great difference between education and common sense .

  3. Ides of November, You were right after all!

  4. Yesterday was the Ides of November. No soothsayer warned this Sejanus, But you were right after all!

    1. I don't think one needed to be an oracle to see this coming.