Wednesday, 6 May 2020

The world will be my lobster once again

"For the most banal event to become an must begin to recount it." - Sartre

Jean-Paul spent some time as a prisoner-of-war, using his spell in confinement to read Heidegger and write a play. I haven't done either of those yet, but this Friday is looking fairly free, so you never know. My relative absence from blogging over the last week has not really been caused by the extreme banality of my life. Nor, contrary to suggestions, has it been because I have either fallen into a black pit of despair or eaten so many biscuits that I can no longer fit behind my desk; although, for what it's worth, one of those is closer to the truth than the other. No, the issue has been more to do with the fact that Blogger has been refusing to work properly, and not for the first time. There is probably a reason why serious bloggers use Wordpress.

Anyway, back to Jean-Paul Sartre. Apparently, in his late twenties he tried mescaline to see what would happen. What happened was that for some months afterwards he thought that he was being followed around by lobsters. However dull things may get, I shall be sticking to coffee.

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  1. The problem with 'Blogger' is they keep trying to 'improve' it !