Thursday, 2 July 2020

Actual Arrival of New Rules

I have received my pre-ordered copy of 'Infamy, Infamy', the latest rules from the Too Fat Lardies, complete with pack of cards and some game markers.

I haven't read much of them yet, having been distracted by the credit and name check given on page 1 to Don, my first ever wargaming opponent from fifty plus years ago. Fortunately there is no photograph; the poor old sod hasn't aged well at all. I wonder if it's him that's to blame for the typo on page 6.

I shall definitely give them a go and, given that I know Peter has also bought a copy, there may be some support in getting it into the schedule. However, no one knows when wargaming is likely to start up again and the longer the delay the more figures that James will have added to his Peninsular War set up; it would, of course, be rude not to christen those.

Anyway, that all gives more time to ponder the question of basing.The sabot bases which I already have aren't for the same size as the units specified here. My initial reaction was to bodge it some way, but on the other hand I do have access to a laser cutter....


  1. Cheeky Bugger - not aged well indeed! And I let you win our game of Infamy!

    Hope you're well even if as rude as ever!


  2. Frankly, basing isn't crucial as long as you only allow (generally) one group to fight one group!. I've seen them played with multi based figures. with the owner just using a dice to track casualties. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    I won't direct you to the Facebook page as I know you don't "do" Social Media but the TooFatLardies Forum has a section devoted to Infamy (and Through the Mud and the Blood)!