Thursday 16 July 2020

Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells

The lack of posting recently has of course been caused by lack of inspiration. Luckily several complaints have been received here at the Casa Epictetus, which gives me something write about.

Firstly, Don has taken offence at my suggestion that he hasn't aged well. I withdraw that comment absolutely; Don is still the svelte young man that he used to be. Indeed, I can go further: he is at least twice the svelte young man that he used to be.

Secondly, I have had an email from Peter in which he refutes the suggestion that he fell off his horse and hurt his keg (sic). I am very pleased to hear that; no one knows better than your bloggist how one's social life can be affected by a less than fully functional barrel. It was of course James who originated the story in his blog, but nevertheless I am happy to make it clear that Peter was at all times in control of what he was doing.

Peter also mentioned seeing the BBC documentary on Persian history, which makes me think that I may have been searching in the wrong place for the other two episodes and so I shall take another look. Nundanket (and apologies for the capital letter) asks about the reference in Wodehouse to Jamshyd. It is in a passage in 'Summer Lightning' - one of the Blandings novels -about Hugo Carmody (a minor character then acting as secretary to the Earl of Emsworth) and is an allusion to FitzGerald's 'translation' of the Rubaiyat. Perhaps had it been found in Wodehouse's other well-known series of books, it would have come from the mouth of the erudite Jeeves rather than that of his young master.


  1. No apologies necessary for the capitalisation. A brand always needs to remain fresh and relevant to its market.

    Whilst you’re correct that the valet is the erudite one (note to self, must look up meaning of erudite) Mr Wooster is apt, now and again, to ejaculate some poorly remembered name from his education. I can’t back that up of course, and can’t be bothered to do the research, but that’s pretty much par for the wotsit these days.

  2. Well I can name all the lads ! However I can only really name about 1/3 of the lasses and a few of them cos they were girlfriend material!

    Oh - and I'm not twice the man I was!