Monday, 8 March 2021

The Siege Is Lifted

 Those considerate chaps in Ahmedabad have once again gone out of their way to clear some space in my diary and so I have been able to bring the siege game to a conclusion. Turn 8 initially went the way of the besiegers, who won a long run of initiative, caused further damage to the wall and, to my surprise because I hadn't read the rules properly, set fire to the town. It was put out before it could either spread or do any damage.

It was never going to be enough in any event, and once the garrison got the chance to fire their artillery they quickly reduced their opponent's morale to zero and the latter were left with no choice but to withdraw.

You can just see in the photo above that the wall section being attacked had been reduced to level 5, which is still quite a long way from creating a breach. I shall be pondering the lessons learned from all this - apart obviously from "make sure that you thoroughly acquaint yourself with the rules before you start" - but my initial thought is that the besiegers should have spent more time on counterbattery fire from the second parallel before pressing further forwards. I have no suggestions as to how the defenders would best have reacted to that.


  1. What are your first impressions of it as a ruleset?

  2. This has been an interesting exercise so thanks for reporting it so thoroughly - you are right, very few siege games are ever undertaken, but they were an important part of warfare for 500+ years, so its a shame no one has yet come up with a way to make much of a game out of them - these rules may eb a partial answer!