Saturday 25 September 2021


 In case anyone was counting, the title reflects the fact that, entirely deliberately, there were two separate PotCVIpouri posts. But it has been so long since I was here that you have probably forgotten who I am. Indeed there have been occasions during the last few weeks when I wasn't entirely sure who I was myself. Way back when, we had played the first part of a siege game. I was unavoidable detained elsewhere for the second part, but it did get played. Whilst I obviously can't give any indication of exactly what happened it reached a point where the participants figures that it was simply a question of luck of the dice as to whose morale ran out first and therefore who won. I think the besiegers were being a bit optimistic because, unusually for Piquet, the defenders can carry on after getting down to zero morale and so would inevitably have won.

We need a debrief, I feel, to see what worked and what didn't. What is clear, though not unexpected is that the rules work a lot better with more than one player. In the meantime there have been a series of Crusades games using To the Strongest!, although I have been unavoidably absent for most of them so once again I can't report back.

What I can tell you about is the new campaign underway in the annexe, to which I have given the codename "Operation Mouse Poisoning"; it's a fight to the death.

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  1. Traps. You get to count the bodies of your enemies and get a grip on the numbers of the little buggers. Bait with bread and peanut butter - they love peanut butter. Also, with traps, the dead bodies don't pile up and smell, bringing in the rats. If traps don't work, try the light house method of night hunting. Sit on a rotating stool with a 12 bore in hand and a voice activated torch strapped to the side of your head: Listen, rotate, "torch", bang! That generally reduces the numbers to manageable levels, and can be fun too.