Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Granby Halls, Leicester 14th May 1976

I have been reading The Rolling Stones 50, a rather large collection of photographs and ephemera celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Rolling Stones performance. One of the concerts covered is that at the Granby Halls in 1976 which, and I bet you never saw this coming, I didn't attend.

I did have a ticket - I can't recall why it was for the Leicester show, but I do recall getting it via Armers or possibly his mate Diprose - but couldn't go because I was in Bradford Royal Infirmary at the time due to an altogether unfortunate encounter with a short and dubious woman. (As a slight wargaming related diversion, the chap in the next bed to me had fought at the Battle of Jutland.) I had managed to get two tickets; the other was for my old schoolfriend Dave, and on page 260, top right hand photograph, there he is in the audience.

What a drag it is getting old.

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