Tuesday, 21 August 2012

One out of twenty ain't bad

A reader asks: "Why aren't you answering the twenty questions like what everyone else is?".

The bloggist replies: "Well, I'm sure that both you and the other reader have spotted that this is a philosophical blog, and as such only deals in rhetorical questions. Except for the one that you asked just then of course; which we have not only printed, but also answered. And that is what we philosophers refer to as a paradox."

If I needed another reason - i.e. if the previous answer was in any way lacking - I might point out the foolishness of using up all that material in one go. I could make those twenty questions last till Christmas and beyond. However, as I'm feeling kind, I will answer one question: the twentieth.

What upsets you? People who walk without swinging their arms. Shallow, but true.

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