Friday, 5 February 2016

If you really mean it, it all comes round again

"Little Matty Groves, he lay down and took a little sleep
When he awoke, Lord Donald was standing at his feet
Saying "How do you like my feather bed and how do you like my sheets
How do you like my lady wife who lies in your arms asleep? "
"Oh, well I like your feather bed and well I like your sheets
But better I like your lady wife who lies in my arms asleep"
"Well, get up, get up," Lord Donald cried, "get up as quick as you can
It'll never be said in fair England that I slew a naked man"

I have been to see Fairport Convention yet again, and they were as excellent as ever. In fact I am tempted to simply point you at the last blog posting about one of their concerts. The set listing has changed a bit over the last year, but not that much and the highlight for me was once again 'Matty Groves' from Liege & Lief. It's a traditional folk song of 'two chords and nineteen verses' which ends badly for the title character, but then again I think we'd all agree that he deserved it. Anyway, none of the above should be taken to suggest that I didn't enjoy seeing them. I did, very much, and I shall hopefully be there to watch them on their 50th anniversary tour next year.

The Great War has featured in this blog recently and here's a sad song on the subject that they performed last night:


  1. Fairport are great live,the last 3 years I've had to work abroad though the summer but for something like 7 years before that we went every year to their annual reunion festival at Cropredy, Richard Thompson often played, the best year was when they did the whole of liege and lief with the original line up bar one. Warm beer, folk music Morris dancers and camping on a battle site!
    Best Iain

    1. I am not a festival goer by nature, being not fond of discomfort, but I was saying to someone only last night that Cropredy will be top of my list whenever my mid-life crisis reappears. The band were promoting it at Thursday's concert and there is certainly an eclectic bill as usual this year, ranging from the Bootleg Beatles to Steeleye Span. On mentioning the latter they did a spoof (but musically spot on) version of Gaudete renamed Crudités and dedicated to Steeleye's supposed love of finger food.