Saturday, 13 February 2016

You Got To Be Startin' Somethin'

I have commented before on my incompetence with superglue and even with gloss varnish. I must now add plastic primer to that list. Storm Imogen having departed and Storm Joshua/Jasper/Jeremy not having yet arrived the weather is calm. OK, so it's snowing heavily on and off, but there is no wind. I therefore decided to get out into the garden and do some spraying. Obviously this had to be quick in order to dodge the snow, so I may possibly have cut some corners. As a result I look as if I am suffering from sudden onset vitiligo. Not good.

Your bloggist tries his hand at drybrushing

Anyway, the toys also got covered so there was some upside. Three chariots and a French Napoleonic artillery caisson now await paint. The 3rd Lancers are about half way through so I'm running out of excuses for the First World War stuff. I think the basing question has been pretty much settled. I'm going for 2p pieces for everything and I'll worry about the 'big men' later. Prone figures - which  in the first instance means firing Lewis gunners - will be on a larger circular base, dimensions still to be decided. Heavy weapons will be on bases of a size and shape to be determined later. I think a bit of self-congratulation is order, that's a fairly comprehensive plan all mapped out there.

STOP PRESS: While writing this blog post I became aware of a strange smell. It turned out to be the base of one of the chariots mentioned above, which had started to smoulder quietly. Leaving aside the sheer unlikeliness of this and the ineptitude required to allow it to occur, the real issue is what's up with the smoke alarm? It won't let me make toast without going berserk, but a bit of cardboard on fire and it doesn't react at all.


  1. The machine is a wilful creature ! , Tony

  2. Well done on deciding how to base your ww1 stuff, is it me but how did the chariot catch fire?
    Best Iain

    1. It was the cardboard base that caught fire. The chariot came out reasonably unscathed, although the warrior mounted on it will have to fight the Romans with a wonky sword.