Sunday, 10 April 2016

A damn poor mind indeed

For 'fueled' read 'fuelled'. And many thanks to the Big Bouncy Woman (who for various reasons is no longer to be known as the Lady Gardener) for gleefully pointing it out.

A wargaming catch-up: there hasn't been any. When choosing a nice indoor hobby like wargaming I obviously assumed that it would be immune from the weather. However, this winter's storms have played havoc with the timetable and so it was again this week when, coupled with a over-confidently aggressive cat, the wind and rain caused the game to be postponed. That doesn't excuse the lack of painting however; that was a victim of ongoing birthday celebrations. Hopefully it will pick up again this week. My IT Miniatures order has now arrived so there is plenty to go at. I have acquired a cheap, second hand camera - nothing like as good as the one that I lost - so maybe there will be some photos whenever the game does get played.

I've also been to the Henry Moore Institute to see their latest exhibition 'A Lesson in Sculpture with John Latham'. I'd be lying if I said that I liked it, but it did give me much to think about; mainly how much I disliked it.

Those really are three piles of coal

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