Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Let's see action

You may recall that I got back in touch with a wargaming partner from my (our) formative years, who had also returned to the hobby. Well, I am pleased to say that he is going to be visiting for a couple of days. Those of you who remember me mentioning that we were also members of a truly terrible band can be assured that we shall not be playing any music; though we shall certainly be playing some wargames. First up will be Through the Mud and the Blood and I have set up the opening scenario in the Stout Hearts etc book.

I have changed it a little bit from the previous run though of the same thing in that I have shortened the trench somewhat and the British will start a bit closer. Don hasn't played Mud and Blood before, but he has played other Lardies games - including with Richard Clarke no less - and I have forgotten everything that I ever knew about it, so he won't be too disadvantaged.

We shall also be off to the legendary wargames room for yet another go at Garigliano (it's actually an interesting scenario and gives a good game), which will be an opportunity to try Pike & Shotte with multiple players on each side, and then back in the annexe the crap chariots will be pressed into service for To the Strongest!. Unfortunately the latest trio of chariots haven't progressed beyond the undercoating stage and will not be taking part.

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  1. Trench set up looks good ,looking forward to the crap chariots!
    Best Iain