Sunday, 23 July 2017

Scenario 3 one more time

 These are the scenario notes for our game this week. I promise that I will now shut up until we have actually played it. Note that I have changed the layout of the drainage ditch slightly. The spotting rule below refers to hexes, which is just for simplicity. Each hex is actually one twelfth of the the distance between the table edge and the sentry line.

British forces:

  • The British will enter the southern edge of the table on six blinds in any formation and place they wish. As usual there are no limitations as to how the Big Men may be allocated between blinds.
  • The rifle grenadier section will operate as riflemen
  • Each of the two rifle sections will have one scout each
  • ·        When blinds containing scouts are deployed these may be placed up to the command distance of the relevant Big Man away from the group, but not closer than 12” to any German forces.


  • All of the land enclosed by the drainage ditch is light cover for spotting and saving throws, as is the area to the south of the ploughed field. Neither have any effect on movement.
  • The ditch itself is free to jump into, but costs one movement dice to exit. Movement along it is in single file, counts as heavy terrain and offers medium cover against being fired at. 
  • The ploughed field is heavy terrain for movement, medium cover for spotting and light cover for shooting. 
  • Areas containing trees are medium cover for both spotting and firing.
  • All fences, walls etc. take one movement dice to cross.
  • Entering or exiting an unoccupied house uses one movement dice.
  • The occupancy limit for defenders in each house is 12 men;  they count as medium cover.


  • There are six sentry blinds already placed out.   
  • The German player will mark which two contain the sentries. 
  • These blinds cannot move and do not activate on the German Blinds token. 
  • The British cannot attempt to spot the sentry blinds.

Spotting:  When the Sentry token is drawn, or the Time for a Snifter token if that is drawn first, the Germans roll 2D6 adding 1 for each hex from the southern baseline that the furthest British blind has moved plus a further 3 if any of the blinds are on the road. On a roll of 14 or more the arrival of the British has been noted and the alarm sounded:

  • The British remain on blinds, needing to be spotted or deployed as normal.
  • The actual German sentries are now put out and the blinds removed.
  • The main German force can now be activated (see below)

Sentries (slight return): The German sentries now act as per the core rules. Note that after leaving their post they move on the Snifter token and not the Sentry token.

German forces:

  • There are eight German blinds at the start - one per house – which never move.
  • The German player will secretly mark which house is the command centre.
  • When the alarm is raised by the sentries the German Blind token is added to the bag and the Germans are allocated four extra blinds to be placed anywhere subject to neither being nearer to the British than either sentry nor being with 12" of the British.
  • The German player now marks which of the twelve blinds represents which sections, with a limit of one per blind. The German officer is not placed on a blind.
  • The four new blinds can now move as normal on the German Blind token
  • NB after this point any section allocated to one of the original eight blinds must deploy in order to leave a house. 
  • The German officer’s token is also added to the bag. When it is drawn he may be – but does not have to be - deployed anywhere. That uses one of his initiative points and he can then use the other two in that turn. Subsequently to being deployed he acts as per the core rules.

Victory Conditions:

  • Either side win if they force the other to leave the table
  • The British win if at the end of any turn they have uncontested control of the command centre; the two non-combatants burning documents do not count for this purpose.

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  1. Sounds interesting - hope it goes well and I look forward to the blog post on it went.

    I've got my first home game of To the Strongest in my den on Wednesday too - Roman's vs Gauls cos I've just finished basing up 7 BG's of Gallic warriors. I'll send pictures!