Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Still still here

I have been reading and/or re-reading the Smiley novels in order. I have just finished 'The Honourable Schoolboy', and what a bloated pile of old tosh it is. However, the purpose of the post is not literary criticism, however concise and erudite, but to highlight a case of life imitating art.

Your bloggist poses in his special accounting hat

In the books Smiley is often (surprisingly often in fact) summoned from a quiet retirement pursuing his hobbies in order to shed light on something from the past that only he will remember. Your bloggist has likewise been torn away from his painting table (*) to advise a former client on something from a while ago that everyone, including him, has completely forgotten (**). It has been a complete shock to the system I can tell you, and has rather got in the way of posting here. On the plus side the unexpected income is burning a hole in my pocket in a way that can only possibly be satisfied by buying some new toys for the tabletop.

* This is merely a literary conceit; obviously no painting was actually taking place

** In one small change to events in literature, rather than going to the Aberdeen in Hong Kong I have been to the one in North-West Scotland; just as vibrant and colourful, but with more kilts.

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