Saturday, 12 September 2020

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches you what you need to know

 “If you desire healing, let yourself fall ill, let yourself fall ill.” - Rumi

A couple of days ago I mentioned that I had been ill, and did so in a somewhat flippant context. Regular readers, especially those who have remember the events of almost exactly four years ago, will know what happened next. On Thursday evening a blue-light ambulance duly arrived and carted me off to A&E. It was, as you might expect, pretty deserted - although there was the usual quota of drunks accompanied by police officers - and was a somewhat more pleasant experience than on the previous occasion. Except, that is, for the most painful injection that I can ever remember having. I also had a brain scan; they didn't find anything.

Boom Boom

I have been given some medication whose side effect is to leave me lethargic and drowsy, although you'll have to take my word for it that things are worse than usual. In any event, no painting is likely in the immediate future. There has been one unexpected benefit in the form of the reappearance of the wise woman of Thornton, the estimable Coral Laroc. Coral last featured on here when I recounted the story of the cat, and has understandably been keeping her distance ever since. However, she has used her mystic powers (*) to get in touch and say that she is 'sending some healing'. I think we can safely assume that this will set back my recovery by some time, but I'm sure that she means well.

For reasons that I don't really understand, mentions of Coral in this blog get more reaction from readers than those about any other woman except those actually wearing male military uniform. I think therefore it is time to pass on how you can follow her adventures directly. Firstly, for cat lovers, I must sadly report that the cat is no longer with her. She had to pass it on because - as the episode in my kitchen proved - it doesn't fit with her lifestyle. "What is this lifestyle?", I hear you ask. Well, I would describe it as a odd mix of superannuated YouTube influencer, peripatetic D-i-Y woman, and 'Carry On' film tribute act. For those with nothing better to do, she can be found here. Please don't give her money or encourage her in any other way.

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