Thursday, 12 November 2020

The Anniversary Walls

 It's exactly a year ago today that I produced the first prototype piece for my castle, which is nearly - but not quite - finished. So, a fairly quick timescale by the standards of most wargaming projects I would say. I have enough basic pieces now, although I shall be making some more damaged and breached walls. I will also make some bastions if I can come up with a design that looks the part without being overly complicated to cut out and assemble.

The lecturers who attempted to teach me operations management at business school wouldn't be very impressed, because far from getting a smooth production flow set up, I rather concentrated on the laser cutting and the spray painting. The detailed work all got put to one side and I have recently been faced with painting endless lines of white mortar (*), which has all been very dull. There are a dozen or so pieces still being sprayed, as and when climatic conditions allow. I have discovered that it's a waste of time trying to cover them in one coat - I don't really know why; perhaps because the paint is textured - and that it is better to give them half a dozen or so quick sprays, which adds to the elapsed time. When it is 'finished' I shall set up a proper picture.

* For the record the colour actually used is tapioca. 


  1. Looks good. I see it has a ‘platform’ with a good depth for bases. Can’t think what the correct military engineering term is.

  2. They look good! Further proof that wargamers build better walls than The Donald..

  3. They are really good. A symphony in grey!