Saturday, 30 January 2021

Parallel to What?

 I have played a third turn, and here are a couple of photos. It would probably be appropriate to share a few words of wisdom, but I'm not sure I have any.  I am getting a better grasp of the rules, which is good, but have a feeling that both the initial set-up and the tactics followed by the besiegers were wrong, which is obviously bad. 

The main action once again revolved around trench raids (the rules of which I have been playing wrongly, although the garrison's dice rolling was so terrible that I don't think it made any difference) and the fortress guns firing at the sappers as they pushed forwards. Having said that, the garrison deputy commander has died of disease, which seems a bit harsh considering that the siege has only been in progress for about ten days, on top of which a lucky shot destroyed some of the garrison's powder.

I'm going to play at least one more turn I think before reviewing lessons learned. The besiegers are just about to move their siege guns into position from which the walls can be effectively bombarded and I'd like to run through that aspect.

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