Friday, 22 January 2021

Slightly Forward From The First Parallel

 Being a Piquet game, Vauban's Wars uses cards to determine what can happen when. The decks are about half the size of those used in standard Piquet (at least the version which we play) and, for the first time that I can recall, players get some flexibility in the make up of the deck for each turn.

I rolled up for the various starting attributes and the different size dice in the picture reflect the besieging commander being superb and the garrison commander being abysmal. Having played one turn I realise that this isn't ideal for a first game and so they will wake up tomorrow substantially more equal in ability.

I quite enjoyed playing through the turn, although probably more because I was getting to grips with the rules rather than because anything actually happened. There is a espionage aspect to the game - which I can't really use because I already know exactly what both sides are doing anyway - that would probably occupy the players while these early engineering works are going on. I have so far chosen to conserve powder on behalf of the garrison (the supply rules are abstracted rather than paperwork heavy, but it is certainly possible to run out), but when the saps advance slightly further I think it will become worthwhile to have a pop and maybe try a trench raid as well.

I did fire the besiegers' mortars into the town, but achieved very little. They need to be moved further forwards, but that requires gun emplacements in the second parallel to be built. It's all down to the sappers at the moment.

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