Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Franklin my dear

 It's very difficult to find a subject to blog about when there is so little happening in the world. However UK readers may possibly have seen on the television news that the town is under water again.

The photo that the BBC have been using appears to have been taken from upstairs in one of those houses behind the bridge. On many a summer's day I've thought they look like a lovely place to live; less so on a winter's day when the Wharfe has burst its banks and there is several feet of dirty, cold water in your kitchen. This latest storm was sponsored by that mint which offers overpriced collectibles to the gullible; a strange marketing strategy if you ask me, associating your name with all that destruction. Still, they did once sue the late Princess Diana's charity so they are obviously of the view that all publicity is good publicity. Actually, speaking of crap marketing I have just received an email from a clothing company headlined "Hello Graham, are the storms done yet?", to which the obvious response is "No, look out of the bloody window". They sign off with "Stay cool"; that won't be hard.


  1. Poor old Blighty does seem to have taken a bit of a battering from the weather recently....hopefully you get a bit of a break before Georgina or Georgia (or whatever the female name starting with G is that they pick for the next one) turns up!

  2. Actually could be Gayle or Gail....that would be a great name for a storm!ūüėÄ

  3. It will be Gladys followed by Herman. There some better ones later on if we get that far.