Friday, 4 February 2022

Keine Wichtelmänner, keine Pferde

 I have had a couple of posts all planned out for a few days now, but disappointingly the Blogmaker's Elves have so far failed to come in and complete them for me. What did happen was that James posted this review of the second night of the peninsular Napoleonic game we were playing. As he wrote, it had been an excellent game so far and we were all looking forward to its resolution. Inevitably enough the third evening was a complete anti-climax. The French, with one interesting exception, rolled forward inexorably and the British crumbled away and then gave up. The odd men out, as it were, proved to be the French cavalry whose performance was so abject that I started to think that they had perhaps forgotten to bring their horses to Spain. Whether they took on artillery, infantry or other cavalry they not only lost, they vapourised immediately. 

"It says they made three unsuccessful attempts to deliver the horses and have returned them to the sender."

"What of the rules?" I hear you ask. Well, we spent much of the evening listening to reports of changes about to come, so there's not much point in commenting on those we actually played with. My only suggestion at this point is that opportunity chips should be reset to four at the end of each turn.

We're off to the Western Desert next week. 

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