Friday, 14 October 2022

Da Da Da Dun Diddle Un Diddle Un Diddle Uh Da Da

 Earlier this year an oblique reference to The Proclaimers led a fellow blogger to report having seen the Reid brothers in concert. I have now joined him in ticking off that feat, and whilst it wasn't my idea to go I can report that they were rather good. I remember hearing Tom Robinson say that he had made a career out of having written two good song, and the Reids have at least three in their quiver. 'Letter from America' (as featured in that previous blog post), their most famous song (lyrics quoted in the title to this blog post) and 'Sunshine on Leith' (which is my favourite I think).

The evening also provided yet another example of how despite being well into my seventh decade I can sometimes still find myself in situations for which life has not sufficiently prepared me (feel free to compare and contrast what follows with this previous example). My companion for the evening and I were in the Kash - compulsory for a cultural outing in Bradford city centre - when we bumped into a colleague of hers. He mentioned that he had been out for lunch to say goodbye to a friend who was leaving for Switzerland. "Lucky him," says I "I'm sure he'll prefer it over there to over here". 

The chap to whom we were speaking gave me a pained look and said "Well, he's been ill.."

"Even better," I replied "The air is so much cleaner and fresher in the mountains, he'll feel so much better in no time."

My companion was by now also giving me odd looks, but it was only when I heard the words "In fact, he's been so very ill that he feels that this is really the best option..." that it began to sink in that 'going to Switzerland' had, in this context, a specific, no need for a return ticket, sort of meaning.

Once again, not cool dude, not cool.


  1. I don't know if I am the fellow blogger ( didn't check the link!) but I too have seen the Proclaimers, at the Power Station in Mt Eden, Auckland circa 1990 I believe, although having now hit my 61st year myself, I could be wrong about the date! Thereafter, they seemed to vanish from "the scene" for about twenty years, only re emerging for the first Indyref debate!

    1. Ok.....I obviously should have checked before commenting! And as mine is the sole comment on the previous post, perhaps we are the only two wargamers in the world who appreciTe the talents of the Reid brothers? So here is a challenge...if you are here, reading this, leave a comment about the Scots duo, positive or negative!

    2. You’re absolutely not the only two Keith! Sunshine on Leith is one of the best albums ever made in my (non-too knowledgeable) opinion. Lennon never came out with anything to match “even wi ones up the back y a bus, there was always the risk of a slap in the puss”. ūüėČ

      Anyway thanks to Mr Epictetus for another of his instructive anecdotes.


    3. Ok....looks like there are three of us then! ūüėÜ