Tuesday, 13 December 2022

48 Crash

"Watch Out!
You know the 48 Crash come like a lightning flash (48 Crash, 48 Crash)" 
- Chinn & Chapman

Apologies, but the picture of Ms Quatro is mere clickbait. I am going to post about how I seem to have mislaid my wargaming mojo during 2022. Apart from actually playing the games it has been steadily diminishing; for example I have done no painting of any sort for many months now. Perhaps the last element of the hobby to go for me was my penchant for buying any new rules published for those periods which I game, or, as in the case of the Mexican Revolution, which I don't game. But even that seems to have shrivelled and died. Caliver Books were recently offering a deal on Billhooks Deluxe, expanding the 'Never Mind the Billhooks' WotR rules to cover amongst other things the Hussites. And yet, I didn't buy them. 

Whilst en route to Manchester to see 'Die Fledermaus' (*), the December issue of Wargames Illustrated caught my eye in the Smith's at Leeds station, as it contains a couple of sizable articles on the newly published rules. Would my enthusiasm be given a sufficient kickstart to get online and order a copy? Well, not so far it hasn't. I haven't been able to get over the image presented by the following quote: "Archer blocks in line can be deadly. Loosing an arrowstorm of 48 dice makes for a mighty racket as D6s bounce around the table..."

How many? Not for me I think.

* Which was excellent, featuring amongst other characters in the chorus the Spice Girls and Boris Johnson, plus an entirely unexpected appearance by Kathryn Rudge singing the 'Habanera' from 'Carmen'.


  1. If you’re playing wargames aren’t you fulfilling the essential aspect of wargaming? The other bits can be nice but are a means to an end, no?

    1. True as far as it goes, but I've only been playing with other people's toys, leaving my own rather large investment of time and money just sitting there.

  2. As I can no longer see the first image of any given blog until I actually open the post, the click bait was only partially successful (I did recognise the title and did associate it with Ms Quattro!)
    I guess Chris is right but to me, the collecting and painting of the figures, not to mention the blogging about them, is an intrinsic part of the enjoyment I get from the hobby.
    As to the rules - totally agree - I can think of little worse than having to roll 48 dice - and I suppose the other guy then has to roll 32 saving throws - sounds awful!

    1. How could one even hold 48 dice to roll them? Where would there possibly be room to roll them?

  3. I would refer you back to the mission statement ( of sorts ) in your very first posting 10 years ago : "Yes, there are wargaming blogs, but they are all written by people who actively participate in the hobby. Where are the blogs by the dillettantes?". So surely you are fully meeting your self-proclaimed remit? Keep it up!
    When Suzie Q was in her pomp, I was an avid reader of 'Look-In' comic, which usually included a centre-spread portrait of a pop star of the day - 'glam rock' was a gift to them. I'm sure a tasteful picture of Ms. Quatro would have been stuck on my bedroom wall ( and there would have been absolutely no sexual implications - we were so much younger then ). I have a very clear memory of also proudly displaying an equivalent portrait of Gary Glitter - innocent days..

    1. I think that if the 1,625 posts since that first one have demonstrated anything it is that no credence should be given to whatever I write.

      As for Ms Quatro, I saw her speak at the Bradford Literature Festival some four years ago, and am happy to report that she is still in her pomp.