Friday, 18 December 2015


Just a short post as I have a cold:

  • Another excellent Seven Years War(ish) game in the legendary wargames room - see the report here - is seeing a good year's wargaming wrapped up in style. James - respect to his ouvre - mentions in a throw away comment that the Austrians got all the initiative; if they hadn't then the game would be over by now, because the scenario is very heavily skewed in favour of the Prussians, especially given the extra cards they drew.
  • It has become apparent that a number of people haven't watched the video of Mrs Hinton because they didn't realise that it had anything to do with wargaming; as if any non-wargaimg content would be posted here! All that I can say is that a) it is about wargaming, although perhaps not as we know it and b) if lots of you haven't watched it then the statistics rather imply that one of you has watched it dozens of times. 
  • I don't think that I've mentioned recently how dreadful Windows 10 is. Let me rectify that now: it sucks.
  • For no particular reason here is Eli 'Paper Boy' Reed performing a cover of a Motorhead song. This one really does have nothing to do with wargaming.

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