Wednesday, 13 January 2016

You better you bet

I've been reading the rules to expansion #5 of C&C Napoleonics and like the look of both the enhanced role for leaders and the Tactician cards. It seems to me that the issue with commanders in C&C is whether to try to mimic actual Napoleonic command structures (see MS Fwa and his little coloured blocks) or just to use them as another fairly abstract game mechanic that adds some complexity and depth. In any event, I'm not sure when the new rules will get a run out, but I have desleeved the old cards and dug out enough sleeves to deal with both the larger Command deck and the Tactician card deck so at least no more expense is required. I complained about the wrong name on the parcel situation and they refunded my postage, so how about a shout out to Boardgameguru for excellent customer service after all.

Right, I'm off to Burton-on-Trent for a couple of days so let's have some music to see me off.

You better bet your life

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