Friday, 16 June 2017


The latest Epic C&C Napoleonics game set up in the annexe continues a number of themes. It is based on an old Miniature Wargames article (by Gary Lind in June 2011), that article is based on a scenario in a book (Napoleonic Scenarios 3 - The Glory Years 1805-1809 by Dave Brown, published by Partizan Press), it's converted from a different rules set (General de Brigade)  and it ought to feature Austrians, but has Prussians instead.

The original action took place on 11th October 1805, a few days before the battle of Ulm. A large Austrian force, largely made up of new recruits, under Mack, who wasn't a very good general, and featuring lower level commanders who weren't very flexible, attempted, but failed, to drive off a smaller force of veteran French that was in the vicinity of two small towns close by the bank of the Danube: Haslach is nearer the camera, while the Danube is the table edge.

All of that is fairly straightforward to replicate in C&C, especially, as luck would have it, using Prussians. The uncertainty of the force can be represented by large proportions of reserve infantry and Landwehr, the poor C-in-C by a smaller hand of Command Cards, and the inflexibility by a limit to the number of Tactician Cards that can be held at any one time.

Scenario details:
  • The French get two units of converged grenadiers. These have been created to garrison Jungingen and no other units can initially be used for that purpose. 
  • The stream counts as a fordable river.
  • French 6 Command Cards, 6 starting Tactician Cards.
  • Prussians 4 Command Cards, a maximum of 4 Tactician Cards (which is also their starting number), 3 Iron Will counters. If they already have 4 Tactician Cards the Prussians may draw new ones and choose which ones to discard.
  • The Short Supply card cannot be played on a unit in a town hex
  • Victory conditions: occupy the two towns at the end of the evening.
I'm going to alter slightly the definition - or at least clarify the interpretation - of a few of the cards, but I'll list those in another post.

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