Saturday, 10 June 2017

No one knows anything

I hope that you will excuse me if I return once more to the recent election. I won't promise that it will be for the last time because I am hoping for much ongoing amusement from Theresa May's death throws.

The cartoon is by Peter Brookes and is in today's Times. I'll give her three days and will confidently forecast that she will be gone by Tuesday. However, I am the first to acknowledge that my political predictions have been consistently wrong for a rather long period now. There's another thought provoking blog post here on the general subject of why absolutely everyone's judgement seems to be skewiff at the moment. I try to read analysis from a variety of perspectives and the 'Liberal England' blog is always worth checking out and covers a wider range of subjects than the name would indicate; an approach that I may emulate in future. He had a series of posts recently about what Ilkley looked like when the railway didn't stop there, but ran through to Addingham and beyond; possibly a niche interest, but isn't that exactly why the world wide web was invented?

Going back to politics, I keep hearing that since Thursday nothing will ever be the same again. What normally happens when people say that is that things immediately revert to pretty much exactly the way that they have always been. We shall see. The other main news is obviously that a political party made up of homophobic, climate change denying, racists has decided to team up with the Democratic Unionist Party. Readers might think that this would be the cue to finally relate the story of the Reverend Ian Paisley, the giraffe and me; but they would be wrong.


  1. That election cost us £130 million , her hubby is rich enough to pay for it

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