Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Quartermaster General: Cold War

Three or four months ago I posted about a highly unsatisfactory six player game of Quartermaster General: Cold War. I also hazarded a guess that it would probably make a very good three player game. I have now had a chance to try it and can confirm that it does indeed. I thoroughly recommend it as I do the (five player) first world war and (six player) second world war versions. I am rather keen to try the (four player) Peloponnesian war version, but sadly don't know anyone who owns it. I could of course buy a copy myself, but I think we all know that won't happen. I am however genuinely considering getting a copy of the cold war game, as there is a definite niche in my hobby life for a three player game that can be played to a conclusion in a couple of hours or so. It's my birthday soon, so perhaps I shall treat myself.

A rogues gallery

One of those with whom I was playing has expressed an interest in having a game in the annexe. He is apparently an aficionado of C&C Napoleonics in its boardgame version and is keen to try the aesthetically more pleasing experience with toy soldiers, and so I have invited him round. I have been down this route before, and it may come to nothing, but I do think that gridded wargames provide the easiest way for people to try gaming with miniatures for the first time. It will also be an excuse to replace the Great War stuff with something more colourful - after we have tried out the tanks of course.


  1. I’ve been thinking of getting this one too.

    1. I have now ordered it. It's a lot easier to find two others than five others.