Monday, 4 March 2019

The cavalry are coming

I can't believe that I haven't used that title for a post before; maybe I have. Anyway, illness - not mine on this occasion - has caused Amiens to be postponed. In the meantime I have acquired a unit of British cavalry from IT Miniatures in both mounted and dismounted form. I'm not entirely sure what size of formation they are meant to represent, but the rules give them the same number of figures as infantry units so I will as well. Painting will commence forthwith. 

Mention of modelling inevitably begs the question as to what happened to the 20mm 6" howitzer that I planned to use as the basis of a 1/72 4.5" howitzer on the postulation that the trail and barrel were the right shape and a more suitable size that the smaller gun. Well, the plan depended on my scratch building a shield, which I thought at the time would be a simple enough task. The relevant Osprey doesn't have a direct frontal view of the 4.5", but it certainly has enough illustrations to understand what they looked like, and after all it is a small enough scale to allow bodging it a bit. Or so you would think. I have so far had three attempts and have given up; they all come out looking too tall and narrow. I am still considering it, but probably I shall just make it up as the 6" and the British can occasionally field a heavy gun that has found itself in the wrong place.

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