Thursday, 19 December 2019

Adiós, Mi España Querida

The conclusion of the last wargame of the year saw a British win and the poor old French didn't even get the satisfaction of capturing the village they had been attacking for the whole game. They - I - did take the crossroads at the other end of the table, but it proved a short lived triumph because immediately four infantry units all decided they had had enough and left the table at the same time; in a notably more coordinated fashion than anything that had been managed up until that point. The evening also saw a consensus develop in favour of giving the whole skirmisher thing - indeed the whole Peninsular thing - a rest for the time being. There have been one or two false dawns, but we really haven't got anywhere. We shall let our collective subconscious mull it over for a while. In the meantime:New Year, new period.

2020 will also hopefully see some volume laser cutting as both the technology and the bureaucracy seem now to be aligned. The only current hitch is my inability to source my chosen shade of stone effect paint. There is less good news regarding the resumption of figure painting, which is in part dependent on fixing the leak in the boiler. The bit that is positive is that it has been established that the boiler is not in fact leaking. The bad news is that it would appear that there is a leak in the mains supply to the boiler which, and I think you're probably ahead of me, can't be sorted out until the New year.

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