Thursday, 12 December 2019

The nose has it

I was going to mention the election, but I find that Buddy - who belongs to the younger Miss Epictetus - has said all that needs saying.

There were big queues at the polling station this morning, but that may just be because today's the day when it gets dark earliest; not to be confused with the day in just over a week's time when it gets light latest, and which is also the shortest day. It's been far too long since we had a post about the interplay between the Earth's orbit around the sun, its rotation on its own axis and the angle between that axis and the plane of orbit.


  1. I've voted ! - and not for the tories : )

  2. The so-called 'fact' that the day on which it gets dark the earliest is different to the the day on which it gets light the latest, is merely a metropolitan liberal elite conspiracy. I'm sure after getting Brexit done, Churchill's heir will Resolve the Solstice in no time at all.