Monday 23 December 2019

In which Epictetus gets trollied

One drawback of being at the Stoic end of the philosophical spectrum is that one tends to put up with things; it sort of goes with the territory. And so it has proved with the impact of the leaking boiler on figure painting, which has rather dragged on throughout November and December and looks as if it's set to roll on into January as well. So, I have eventually decided that enough is enough and have invested in a hobby trolley in which to store work in progress.

In the background you can see the currently unavailable cupboard. And yes, that dining chair is as uncomfortable as it looks. Anyway, stuff has been relocated back indoors making it more accessible, with the added benefit of freeing up the gaming table.

Note the terracotta undercoat which your bloggist favours, mainly because it is very forgiving if you miss a bit later on in the process. I'm rather pleased with this new acquisition, although obviously not to the extent of actually doing any painting yet; that would be too much to expect.

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