Saturday, 14 December 2019

Voltigeurs, chasseurs ou tirailleurs?

We continue to seek the Goldilocks formula for skirmishers to use with James' not very quickly growing Peninsular War forces, and tried a different version this week. For those interested, the game is going to end in a British victory, but as French commander I hope for one or two tactical successes along the way to make me feel better. Going back to the rules, these aren't minor tweaks, but rather all the things we have tried are radically different in their mechanics, and perhaps unsurprisingly they all seem to have good bits and bad bits. The current version have at least one great virtue - simplicity - and it becoming increasingly obvious why most rules abstract skirmishers out; maybe, just maybe, bears don't really eat porridge.

There has been no further painting due to the ongoing boiler leak, which I hope to have sorted out by next week. I may have said that before. News reaches me that the Two Fat Lardies are currently play testing a set of skirmish rules for Romans and their opponents in the 1st century AD, which I shall have to take a look at when they are released. My source on the inside claims that he is bringing some competition gamer rigour to the drafting of the rules, which would be welcomed I think.

In other news, I have acquired yet more Hexon pulverised ground from eBay and now can't conceive that I shall ever need any more, or indeed as much as I have already got. Access to the laser cutter is not possible at the moment due to a bureaucratic twist which has left me somewhat bemused, but as it happens I am actually happier leaving it all until after Christmas anyway.

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