Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Agua que no has de beber, déjala correr

The Battle of Soor is delayed once again, for equine reasons this time. In the meantime other wargaming progress is somewhat slow. There has been no spraying as the weather continues to be poor. You're probably bored with photographs of the River Wharfe misbehaving, so here's the River Aire (for those who don't know, it's the next valley across) at Saltaire yesterday.

It's been a while since my thoughts turned to the Mexican Revolution, but I have treated myself to a couple of books on the subject:

I've already had a brief look at the one on the left. It has rather more detail on bayonet shapes than is strictly speaking necessary for the level of game I favour, but looks like it will be an invaluable resource, not that I need one of course. The author is promising to follow it up with a wargamers guide to the conflict, which will no doubt also be essential for those like me who neither game the period nor have any plans to do so. A full review may follow if the Lord spares me for long enough. If that wasn't sufficient I've downloaded "All Eyes on the Rio Grande", the long lost journal of the (fictional) Lt Col McIvor during the Punitive Expedition, to my kindle. Based on the first couple of chapters he seems more Pooter than Flashman, but I'm sure it will be an entertaining read.

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