Monday, 23 March 2020

Via Romana

In time I shall get bored with my new toy, but that time is not now.

In my version of Pony Wars the rescuing civilians bit stays the same (I have some dreadful cardboard villas, but they are too big for the lightbox), but the Stagecoach, Pony Express etc are changed slightly. First century Romans had better roads than nineteenth century Americans living in the West and so the board is intended to have a road cutting straight (*) across it. At random intervals something will appear moving down the road, providing a target for the Celts and something that needs to be protected by the Romans.

The exact nature of the passenger, and therefore its victory point total, would also be determined randomly. This could be empty or it could be carrying the Emperor's mother.

As could this, although I'm not sure how far they would manage to carry that thing along a road.

I'm also not sure why this lot are re-surveying a road that's already there. Perhaps they are going to build a fort, which is something I don't currently have.

* Obviously it will be straight; they're Romans!

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