Friday, 6 March 2020


The wind has dropped for the first time in weeks and so I've had a stab at spraying the laser cut town walls. They were always going to require two coats, but even allowing for that my technique clearly needs some refining. To start with I should probably place the walls a bit closer together, rather than ending up with a whole load of stone textured newspaper.

Harking back to this previous post about Sandy Denny and the comment subsequently left by Aaron, can I point you to this episode of 'Digging Deep', in which Robert Plant talks about 'Battle of Evermore':

Finally, and for no real reason, here is Tamara de Lempika's painting 'La Belle Rafaela':

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  1. I am honoured by the mention, sir! Robert is an interesting interview. Lots of in-jokes and skirting around so that in the end you still only really have the song. But that is probably best anyway.