Friday, 27 March 2020


Someone has been sent to the blog by Bing after keying in 'Yellow Ribbon Wargame Rules'. Unfortunately the particular post it sent them to is all about opera. I do hope they weren't too disappointed. I shall have to investigate those rules; presuming of course that the title is based on the  the song I'm thinking of.

Speaking of wargames rules set in North America, Miniature Wargames has a cover feature on the Mexican Revolution so, despite my lack of interest, I bought a copy. There are some very nice photos of 54mm figures owned by the author of one of the books on the subject that I featured here recently. Respect is certainly due to whoever converted and painted them all. The article rather annoyingly refers to a home brew rule set and then is itself instead based on a heavily amended version of 'Black Powder'. Still, there are some intriguing ideas for those intending to do the period at some point - which I am not - and it will go in the file.

There have been some nice comments left regarding the pictures taken in my new lightbox, for which I thank you. The question which no one has been rude enough to ask is why I painted all this crap in the first place. The simple answer is that prior to divorce, homelessness, and subsequent acquisition of the wargaming annexe I never hosted any games. Starting to do so has concentrated the mind a bit and subsequently I have to a large extent concentrated on things actually needed for the scenarios that I wanted to put on. Before that the process was the real focus; I simply did whatever I felt like doing. If one isn't going to use them in a game then painting yet another battalion of French Napoleonic infantry doesn't really stir the imagination in the same way as a heretic about to be burned.

You may notice a bit of a family resemblance between the apostate above and the chap - presumably an ancestor - who was being held captive by the Celts.

Let's finish with some more music about yellow ribbons:

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  1. She wore a yellow ribbon is one of my top ten films I think .